Bulk adding addresses to a client suppression list

We have a large pool of addresses that have said they do not want to be contacted.  I'd like to use the API to add those to a suppression list so that clients do not inadvertently email someone who has opted out.  I've seen from other messages on the board that there is not currently a way to add emails directly to the suppression list.

Using the API, is there a way to create or reuse an existing list, make sure that when people unsubscribe they are added to the suppression list, and then add and unsubscribe everyone?

tobyb tobyb, 5 years ago

Hi jprior,

As you say the functionality to suppress people via the api is not available, I've added your vote however so we may add this in a future update.

The default settings for a list is to suppress any email address which are unsubscribed, so your idea should work as expected in this case. If you have any troubles let us know.


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