Supperssion list question

Is it possible to delete a suppression list in one go? I currently have a suppression list in the 1000's and I want to delete the bounces from the list while keeping the unsubscribes on it.

To do this I plan to -
1) export the csv
2) spit it into bounces and unsubscribes
3) delete the current suppression list ***PROBLEM***
4) upload the unsubcribes to the new suppression list
5) create a new subscribers list from the bounce list

The problem arises with step 3. At most I can delete 20 email addresses at a go. If we are taling about 1000's of email addresses that means there will be a lot of deleting involved.

Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

Unfortunately it's not possible to delete the suppression list in one go - just 20 at a time, sorry. We can certainly delete the suppression list for you, however is there a reason why you would like to remove the bounce addresses from it? Bounces are only added to the suppression list once they hard bounce out of your list after being considered permanently undeliverable, so importing them as active subscribers again will likely result in a lot of bounces.

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