How to send an invitation to sign up

I have a list of subscribers I transferred from a previous service, and a second list of subscribers from a sign-up form built into my site using "Create a subscribe form".

But I have a 3rd set of email addresses of people I've interacted with that I would like to invite to sign up for my newsletters. I don't want to simply add them to the newsletter list and have them opt out if they don't want it, rather I think it's appropriate for me to email them once inviting them to opt in.

How do I do this? How do I invite them once and only once and keep track of it? I'd like to send them one message inviting them to sign up and if they choose not to sign up, I don't send them campaigns. Does Campaign Monitor have this functionality?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Kevin, mind me asking, but has this third group opted-in to receive your newsletters? It may not be appropriate to invite them if they haven't already given you their direct permission.

While you could direct these email recipients to your existing sign up form via a one-off campaign, it's probably best that you determine whether they'd be open to hearing from you via email in the first place.

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kevinashworth, 5 years ago

Permission is a concern, of course. This 3rd group is people who have said Contact me or Stay in touch but haven't explicitly asked for the newsletter because of a variety of factors.

But the thing you suggest is kind of clunky — pointing them to my sign-up form. I've received email (from other services, I guess) that say "Click here to continue to receive this email", which is what I am hoping to do. I think it's way better than "Click here to go to a form where you have to enter your email again even though I obviously know what it is because I sent this to you." I hope that makes sense. Thx!

architxt architxt, 5 years ago


I think you will necessarily have to get people on a landing page with a form.

However, if you're using PHP or .NET (or even Javascript), you can pass people's email addresses via the link you provide in your email... to a hidden field in form. For example:

The landing page could simply explain the benefits of the newsletter, reiterate your adherence to best practice for privacy, and have a 'confirm subscripton' button. The email would be passed on to Campaign Monitor using a hidden form field.

I hope this makes sense and good luck!

kevinashworth, 5 years ago

Thanks, architxt !

architxt architxt, 5 years ago

Kevin, I've just implemented this using Javascript as the pages I'm working with are static HTML ones.

Happy to share the code if you want :)

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