Upgrading a subscriber record after an action

I have a client who would like to upgrade a subscriber's status to "prime" for example, when they click a link to subscribe to a new list. Here's the scenario:

• The subscribers are mailed on a monthly basis, encouraging them to subscribe to a "prime value" paid subscription service
• Currently, when they subscribe, they would receive an auto responder and would then become a member of that new list

However, the client doesn't want a new list - they want that person's record on the existing subscription list to change its status flag to show that they are now part of this new "prime" group - maintaining a single list that can be segmented.

Is it possible to make that happen within the current list management system? Or is a manual process?
Thanks for any help.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi extramile! What you'll need to use here are custom fields. The easiest way to segment this list into 'premium' and 'regular' subscribers is to create a multi-option custom field called 'Prime' and allow subscribers to change their membership either via a landing page, or preference center. Here's an example of such a field:


Once you create this custom field, you can add a subscribe form to a page, where paid members can opt to update to a paid subscription. Here's a really basic example:


Note that even though a subscriber is already subscribed, any updates to custom field values will carry over to the subscriber list. From there on in, it's really easy to segment prior to sending campaigns. Let me know if you have any questions about this :)

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extramile, 6 years ago

Hi Ros
Superlative response, as ever! Thanks ever so. Now you tell it that way, it makes it so obvious. This will work well for the client.

Thanks for taking the time to explain in-depth.
Kind regards

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