Setting a View Online Version title

I'm still getting used to the new editable templates. I'm wondering what's the best way to set the page title for the online version of the email (the title that appears in the browser). My first thought was to make the text in the title attribute editable:

<title><singleline label="Web Version Title">Title to appear at top of browsers</singleline></title>

but that doesn't show up as an editable field in the edit page.

If I leave it out altogether, will the CM online version put in the title of the email (which users will see as the email title in their email client) by default?

The last campaign I sent out didn't display a title for the online version.

Thanks for any suggestions.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi ralph, at present we're looking at better ways to handle <title> tags in the template editor. For now, you will have to export the template to add your own <title> (not ideal, I know), as <singleline> definitely won't work in this instance.

I'll note your interest internally and let you know if this is something we change in the future - quite likely we will at some point, as no title isn't ideal when viewing the webversion of your campaign.

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ralph.m, 5 years ago

Thanks Ros. That's fine. It's just good to know one way or another, so thanks for the feedback. :)

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