Custom content in autoresponders


I have been looking through the documentation and forums and from what I can see it is not currently possible to add custom content to individual auto-responders and I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

Briefly, We have a website to which users signup to a trial version of our webapp.  I wanted to us autoresponders to trigger off a welcome email to a user each time someone signs up for a trial.  This email should contain a unique URL to that trial where they can access their account, a username & password and be able to show them the expiry date of the trial.  This will obviosuly be different for each user. 

There would also be several follow up emails to them over the course of their trial reminding them about various features etc however I'd also like to be able to put custom content into these such as the URL they use to access their account.

Is this possible and if not is it something CM are considering in the future?


tobyb tobyb, 5 years ago

Hi Adrian,

Depending on your requirements, normal custom fields may work out here.

As the help document says, the field content is limited to 250 chars, however this sounds like more than enough for what your doing. These fields will be replaced in both links and content for any autoresponders sent out, details on how to set up this personalisation can be found here.


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