HTML only option for content

We have tried to send a campaign today and when selecting the format of the campaign only the options for 'HTML and plain text' or 'Plain text only' are available for the current campaign. What has happened to the 'HTML only' option?


sowsinsk, 9 years ago

Noticed this just now... we used to send HTML-only e-mails but now it appears there isn't an option to do that.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi guys,

We did take that option out recently, and posted about it here:

We want to ensure that spam filters don't block emails because of having not enough plain text, and that people using mobile devices and text clients are able to read the emails.

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vince08, 9 years ago

I've sent campaigns using html only and html plus text, and I never saw any difference in the back end results.   Are there really many spam filters that block all html?

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