Preview pane: better opens vs. better CTR

As I continue to optimize email campaigns for my company, I've run into a problem which forces us to choose between increased email opens vs. clicks. Hopefully someone has a solution that will allow us to improve both.

Our (real estate industry) emails perform very well currently, with OR averages above 40% and CTR averages above 50%. These are for very clean, very targeted lists of around a few hundred recipients, ranging up to a few thousand.

Here's a sample email that shows my dilemma. In line with with best-practices, we provide a text link to the web-based version in top right corner - which actually gets very high clicks, often the 2nd highest-clicked link in the email. The problem with this is that this always shows up in the preview pane of mobile browsers, which are becoming a large part of our subscriber base.

Here's how that looks:

As you can see, we include a generic line of copy ("Southwest Florida's Most...") before the web-version link, and that helps - but what I really would like is for the headline of the 1st article to be displayed in the preview - since that's the 2nd most-relevant hook of copy after the subject. I really think this would improve mobile open rates, but there's no practical way that I know of to implement this - editing the text-only version for every single email we send would be entirely too time-consuming, as we send hundreds on any given week. My only other thought is to add this as an editable field in the template, although would still need to duplicate this content from the headline, and then would have to deal with truncating issues.

Suggestions? Is there something simple that I'm missing?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi JDiffee, welcome to the forums! The most practical way to change the preview text (also known as a preheader) for now is to replace the "Southwest Florida's Most..." copy with <multiline>Your preheader here</multiline> template tags, as you mentioned. Then you can replace this with the first title in the template editor, adjusted to fit the space available and the mobile preview. Note that any changes to the template can be carried over to the text version - you don't necessarily have to adjust this manually.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to automatically copy over the text from the first title for now, but we'll consider it for a future update. Thanks JDiffee, I hope this is a suitable explanation :)

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