Facebook App Subscription Form - Can't get it to appear on my page?

I installed the Campaign Monitor Facebook app and logged in and added my list, etc. but it doesn't show up on my page on the left. It does show up on my personal Facebook wall. Any way to get it to show up on my fan page?

lenashore, 6 years ago

Well, as Murphy's law dictates - as soon as I post a question on a forum, I find the answer. The answer, for anyone else was that I installed the wrong app. You need to install the Developer's version of the app.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Lena, welcome to the forums! Mind me asking, which version did and didn't work here? I'd love if you could post a link/screenshots so we can get to the bottom of why this didn't work the first time :)

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