Silent failure of add() method in PHP subscriber wrapper class object

I have used the PHP subscriber wrapper class to add a test to my client's Campaign Monitor list by placing a modified version of your suggested sample code in a hook that gets call after their forum's "register new member" code.

The forum software sends its email, Campaign Monitor sends a confirmation email, but then the wrapper's add function never returns control to my code. I have logging statements in my hook code, and I turned on VERBOSE logging when I created the Subscriber object. My logging statement immediately after the add() call never gets executed, and the last log statement output to the screen by object's logging is:
array {
    code => '201',
    response => ''
(except my email address was in the real response.

I traced the code and found that this last logging statement came from this line in the base class's _call() function:

        $this->_log->log_message('Call result: <pre>'.var_export($call_result, true).'</pre>',
            get_class($this), CS_REST_LOG_VERBOSE);

but after that I get nothing, and there is nothing else in the PHP error log on the client's webserver.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

tobyb tobyb, 5 years ago

Hi Van,

That's no good, can you get in touch with support at and we'll take a look at this. Please include you API Key and the code around the failing wrapper call.


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