Forward to Friend List

Is there any way to pull a list of every person who forwarded a campaign using the CM forward link along with how many people they forwarded to? I don't want to see the addresses they sent to, I just want to give those users a reward for helping us out, and we we're hoping to do rewards based on the number of people they forwarded to.

I've tried some small test campaigns and it seems like I have to manually go through the Forwards report to do so, I can't download a CSV.

Any possibilites?

Apologies if this is already a topic, tried searching the forums and couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance for the help!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi again, this is a tricky one - unfortunately, you can't pull a list of email addresses that have forwarded your email via the Link Activity reports either, so it looks like it may have to be a manual process for now. What I'll do is add your vote for the social sharing reports to be exported as a CSV - although this isn't something we won't be adding overnight, I'll let you know if it's something that we add in a future update. Sorry about that!

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