Subscribe to multiple lists with preferably one confirmation?

So I have a form with a checkbox each for four different lists, which are actually lists under different CM customers (one admin account). The reason that's the case is so we can get independent Newsletter Archives for each list.

So, in my code, I loop through each of the chosen checkboxes and make an API subscribe request. Naturally, since the four lists are all double opt-in, the user gets four confirmations.

Is there any way to use one API call to subscribe to multiple lists and/or result in only one confirmation?

tobyb tobyb, 5 years ago

Hi Jaydisc,

Unfortunately this isn't possible via the API at this stage. The best workaround for this would be to generate a subscribe form in your account, selecting the other lists require and posting to that url instead (some brief instruction on this can be found here).

I've added your vote to add this functionality to the api and if it's implemented we'll update this post.


marcel, 5 years ago

I'm also interested in this...

tobyb tobyb, 5 years ago

Thanks marcel, the votes been added.

Barry, 5 years ago

Any update on this subject? I'm also interested!

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