Custom field not parsing in web version of email

I'm doing some final testing with my email template, and the template looks awesome in the email clients. The only thing is that the web version won't parse my custom field, so it adds [Token] at the end of the URL you're supposed to click on.

As I said, this is only for the web version (the HTML version works perfectly). I should also mention that this is the test email, not the real one.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Diana Diana, 5 years ago


Have you tried testing it in a full campaign? Custom fields don't work in the web version of a preview campaign but it should work in a fully sent copy. You can send a test to up to 5 addresses without incurring any costs, to check it out.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
ronnyandre, 5 years ago

It seemed to work in the live version :)

The thing was that I had a button with a custom field named Token, and the button worked very well in the email, but in the web version, it didn't parse the custom field, pointing me to the URL[Token=].

But it's all good now!

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