"Editable" images only let me change the ALT text

When defining campaign content, I am unable to replace editable images by uploading new ones as shown in the docs.  All I can do is update the ALT text for the image.  This happens with the default templates (including the sample "widget" one shown in the docs) and with my own templates when I define editable images with this syntax:

<img editable="true" src="images/sample-logo.png" alt="" width="139" label="Sponsor logo" />

Instead of getting the "Choose file" option in the left area as shown in the docs, I just get a single field that lets me change the ALT text, or optionally add a link.  But I cannot change the image itself.

Am I totally misunderstanding how this should work, or is there some sort of bug?

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hey garysmith,

You'll need to delete the image first, and then you'll be able to import a new one. In that editing area you should see a gear icon, click that and you'll see the option to delete the image. Once it's been deleted you'll have a field to import an image.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
garysmith, 6 years ago

Thanks, Diana!  It seems obvious now, but for some reason I didn't try that. I think it is somewhat counterintuitive to have to delete an image right after you add it (I have them in a repeater) but now that I know the secret it works great.

papafreud, 6 years ago

I believe you can just add an image without a src in the template and it will show up as a placeholder in the content editor.

samc, 5 years ago

Darn. Well, glad I found this post.

I would have really like to put in my own placeholder images in place. (for example, a dummy image with "replace with a 300x150 image" text on top of it.)

Then the template could look pretty close to the final view, but then a user would be able to go in and, using the edit button, replace the appropriate pieces throughout and go.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi samc, welcome to the forums! Well, you can add your own dummy image - I like to source mine from Placehold.it. Import them with your images and away you go :)

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