Facebook Subscribe Form

Hi CM team!

I'd like to thanks for the new issues you've done. Concretely, the subscribe form for Facebook.

I've just tested, and unfortunately it appears an error message. I filled up without problem, but a message appeared after "ok" button.

I wonder whether the "latin characters" (accents, etc.) caused the error ...

The text I wrote:
INTRO MESSAGE: Apúntate a nuestro newsletter!
THANKS MESSAGE: Gracias por apuntarte a nuestro newsletter. Muy pronto recibirás noticias nuestras!

If you need more details of my account, we could speak by email.

Thanks a lot!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi andreand, could you kindly send a description of this issue and a screenshot to support [at] campaignmonitor.com? We'll check if it's an issue on our end or Facebook's and suggest a workaround.

Mind me asking, does the error go away when you remove the accented characters?

Thank you so much for reporting this, we're keen to look into this issue further.

Get in touch with us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/campaignmonitor
We're also on Facebook: http://facebook.com/campaignmonitor
andreand, 5 years ago

Thanks roshodgekiss! And apologise for the delay ... I had to move to another issue, and now it's time to solve the current problem.

I send an email!

JD JD, 5 years ago

For those who might find this in the search, I went ahead and helped Andrea resolve this. It seems that by having her page "unpublished", she was seeing the error. Once I published her page, added the form, I was able to save her form changes and did not see the error. It was not because of the accented characters as far we tested. Thanks!

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