Spam Reporting and future new list owners...

I'm creating a private label interface where my users can send mail to their subscribers, under their own client accounts. 

But I'm worried...How how can they stand up to this Spam Standard ?

These are the rules that worry me.
--- Start quote ---
What are spam complaints and how can I reduce them?

Your goal should be zero. However, if your spam report number is less than 1 per 5,000 emails sent, then you are within today's industry norms. Industry norms will change over time and we will continue to keep you up-to-date.

For a very large number of complaints (above 1%), your account (if you sent the email) will be locked automatically, and will not be able to send further campaigns until the problem is resolved.

-- End Quote--

So 2 spam reports and the new list owner will be locked out, angry and complaining.

What if 2 (2 percent) competitors join their list of 100 list members and reports their email as spam, every day ?
Will they be put out of business ?

I can work hard to form a relationship with my users... but I don't see how a new list owners will not get spam reports above 1 per 100 emails.  Certain industries receive a lot of complaints...

Can someone help me understand this ?

Diana Diana, 5 years ago

Hi Marcel,

Mistaken complaints like that do happen, and we do take that into account. So if your client's campaigns got just a couple of complaints that wouldn't affect their ability to send going forward or trigger any warnings.

There is some information here that you might find useful, it explains how we deal with complaints and how the automated warnings and closures are handled and what specifically triggers them. Just a couple of complaints, even if it's a high percentage of a list, would never trigger a closure.

We do, however, really recommend shooting for 0 complaints. We have many customers in many different industries that receive no complaints, so it's definitely possible. But we do understand that people might maliciously sign up or just honestly forget signing up and that complaints can happen.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Greg66, 5 years ago

Some people tend to click on SPAM rather than on UNSUBSCRIBE thinking it's the same thing. It's not a commonly known fact (to the general public anyway) that every Spam complaint gets recorded as such. I have had a few of these but if you can show that you went about acquiring your contacts the correct way then you shouldn't have a problem.

patricebellan patricebellan, 5 years ago


I think sending a "welcome" email (autoresponder) clearly stating a few things such as:

- why your subscribers should whitelist you
- how they can easily unsubscribe
- what's the difference between the spam button and the unsubscribe link

may help

macinhack, 5 years ago


I totally agree, email clients like AOL make it way too easy to flag something as spam. The "spam" button is right there and it's easier for a user to mark the email as spam then unsubscribe. < shakes fist>

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