Dynamic From field and sender email address?

Our client wants us to send the same email to ~100 different lists (or segments). Part of the reason they want to send so many is that each one will have a different From name and sender email. Is there any way to fill those in dynamically, from a list or outside data source. Sending 100 emails is going to be a real PITA and I'm looking for any way I can make this less tedious.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Tenrec, one option is to use the API to automatically generate these campaigns, as it isn't possible to automatically pull in a sender name and email address via the app, I'm sorry to say. Happy to add your vote for this functionality, but I don't expect it's something we'll be adding to our service in the near future.

The better option is to create a single campaign with a 'Contact [clientsname] at [clientsemail]' personalized call-to-action using custom fields and have all direct replies sent to, and sorted from a single, generic email address. This means that the individual sender email addresses don't have to receive the out-of-office replies and debris that follows a send. It's also easier from a setup point of view, meaning more time at the bar on a Friday, instead of manually creating campaigns ad infinitum.

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Tenrec, 5 years ago

Thanks, Ros. If I had more time I'd go the API route. My developers are all booked up at the moment. The other option, the 'Contact [clientsname] at [clientsemail]' is also a good idea, but I don't think I can get the client to go for it. They aren't creating the campaigns, they are having us do it, so our time at the bar won't be a persuasive argument, I don't think. Maybe cost will, because it'll probably be well over 100 campaigns.

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