Spacing on aligned images

I'm trying to use images with the 'align' attribute so that text in an article flows around it, but Outlook 2007 ignores any margin or padding applied to it in order provide some white space between the image and the text. The text just ends up hard against the image.
Has anyone else come across this and found a way around it?


dedra dedra, 6 years ago

Hi, we use for "Our Tip" image in paragraph text simply increase size of image for right and bottom margin space and prepare this space as transparent - use PNG file format, even it maybe cannot display some clients as i read somewhere on these (CM) pages.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Ian, another one of our customers has started placing images in a 2x2 table (1 cell with the image, 3 empty for padding, the set the <table align="left'... (or similar) so any text surrounding this table flows around it.

Dedra is correct, too - a lot of designers extend the dimensions of their image to create white space, as margins/padding just can't be trusted in some email clients. All the best!

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acidproductUK acidproductUK, 6 years ago

Thanks for the replies. In the end I put a 1-cell table around the image and applied the 'align' attribute to that instead. Worked like a treat, and I could add direction-specific padding to the table cell depending on whether it was left- or right-ranged.

Ian Davies
Acid Product
Audio Visual Presentations, Web Design, Print Design and Creative Technology Consultancy in Rugby, UK
cpattersonv1, 6 years ago

You could also add visual padding around your image in your photo editing program (extend the canvas size) and then resave it with the extra margin showing on the side where you want the padding. It's a lot less code and it's backward compliant in the event something strips the formatting.

acidproductUK acidproductUK, 6 years ago

True, but the template I'm making is being used by people without the necessary image editing software or savvy to  do such a thing, so I needed something that would work with the standard image upload in the content editor.

Ian Davies
Acid Product
Audio Visual Presentations, Web Design, Print Design and Creative Technology Consultancy in Rugby, UK
beyond23, 9 months ago

Hi, if you having trouble resizing the images i will suggest use this webtool it will give you exact size you require without loosing any quality

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