Finding Saved Draft Campaigns...

what is the function to find only Saved Draft Campaigns... 

What I'm using right now

I'm using clientGetCampaigns()

$result = $cm->clientGetCampaigns( $clientid );

But clientGetCampaigns() is only showing me previously sent campaigns... It does not show me saved draft campaigns that I want to send...

marcel, 6 years ago

Should I  send my campaigns immediately after creating them ?

I can find the campaignid of a draft  campaign immediately after creating it... but I see no function to rediscover existing draft campaigns later.

Phil Phil, 6 years ago

Hi marcel,

There's a dedicated API route for getting all the drafts belonging to a client. There's even a sample available with the php wrapper.

All the best :)


marcel, 5 years ago

Thanks Phil... I'll use that.

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