Odd screenshot issue with Template Builder

I just created a new template with the Template Builder (move over jQuery Themeroller!), and I LOVE it! Ten minutes from start to finish, converted a campaign to my new template -- flawless. Kudos and many thanks for the builder.

Oddly, when I saved it,  it got stuck on generating a screenshot thumbnail for the "select a template" page. It's got the rotating daisy circling and circling. I can log out and log back in and it's still trying to create a screenshot. The template works fine. Test emails look great. It's just that the template screenshot is stuck in limbo.

I can understand it fine, and let it go, but it's confusing to my client. Wonder what's up?

dedra dedra, 6 years ago

Not only for Template Builder, for import custom template from file too. Circling and circling.

Looks like some mistake in some CM script for generate template screenshot.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi intellergy and dedra, we're really sorry about this - our team are currently working on fixing the template screenshots and we should be on top of this shortly. I'll keep this thread updated as more details come to light.

Again, we're really sorry for the trouble caused here - hopefully we'll be bringing back the screenshots really soon.

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