Forward to a friend in Czech language


I'm looking for customize "Forward to a Friend" page language in Czech, but i not found this language in list. As i see, you have in language list (except English and other main world languages) Slovak translation, but not Czech.

Do you have Czech translation too?

If not, can you plan to add this (Czech) language into your CM UI and features? If you plan to add this (Czech) language, can i help you with this (Czech) translation (language) for add into your CM UI and features?

Thank you

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi dedra, that would be a great help if you could assist us with a translation - no promises that we'll be able to push it immediately, but if you could kindly contact our team, we'll look towards making this an option.

We've previously asked for translations and while I'm not sure if adding more languages is in our plans, it would be very handy for us to have a Czech translation on hand for the future.

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