extend document for Subcriber

Can you extend the documentation for a subscriber?

Two fields are not described:
- State field, this is an important field with many values (like Spam, Unconfirmed, etc.).. I like to know when which State is assigned by CampaignMonitor..
- Date, important field when you're doing syncs with an offline list... When is this Date value changed / updated?



Ken Ken, 9 years ago

Here are the possible values for the Subscriber State:

Active:subscriber is active on the list
Unsubscribed: subscriber has unsubscribed off the list
Bounced: subscriber has been removed off the list due to too many bounces to that address.
Deleted: subscriber has been manually deleted off the list
Unconfirmed: subscriber is not active yet until they click the verification link in the confirmation email sent to them after subscribing.
Spam: subscriber has been removed off the list due to the recipient marking an email sent to them as spam.
Suppressed: subscriber has been removed off the list due to their email address being added to the Suppression List.

The Date field is the date the subscriber was added to the list. So it will only be set once, when the subscriber has been added to the list.

I hope that answers your questions, Marco.

aognenoff, 9 years ago

Doesn't the date field get set when they subscribe but updated when they confirm if the list is using double opt-in? I thought I saw that behavior in my testing...maybe not.

Ken Ken, 9 years ago

You're right aognenoff. In fact, the Date will change whenever the subscribers state changes. So if a subscriber is unsubscribed, the Date is reset to the current date.

mdissel, 9 years ago

Thanks. How can i get the subscribers that have a state,  other then Unsubscribed since a spcecific date? I understand that api.GetUnsubcribed only returns the subscriber.state = unsubscribed ..

mdissel, 9 years ago

Anyone ?? (bumping this thread)

Ken Ken, 9 years ago


At the moment we only provide access to the Bounced subscribers, using the Subscribers.GetBounced API method.


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