I am massively effected as I know many others would by not allowing autoresponders to trigger on new contacts added via API.  This is soooo silly and stupid it makes my angry.

What is the point of email marketing software if this is not possible.
I'm forced to change programs just because of this silly limitation that all other programs allow.

Should be the top of your developer list priority.

It it possible for me to contract one of your developers to build this?
It would be such a simple script.

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

Hi businessboom,

I just responded in the other thread, but will include the information here for completeness:

1. Both the add and update routes support all autoresponders by default
2. When importing many subscribers all autoresponders associated with custom fields are automatically triggered. Subscription-date based ones aren't, although setting QueueSubscriptionBasedAutoResponders to true in the import data object will enable those also. This information is in the documentation.

What you cannot do (as of Dec 31, 2011) is setup and manage a series of autoresponder emails via the API. Let us know if you also require that behaviour and we'll add your vote to the feature request.

Hope this helps,

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