Designer/programmer needed for email blast template

We are a small development firm with about 20 non-profit healthcare association clients.  Many of our clients are just now getting into using Constant Contact to email blast their membership.  We are seeking a designer that can create and program a basic email blast template, that will fit into CC, and allow us to just drop in content paragraphs.  It is very important to us that the template uses best practices for conforming to mobile viewing, as well as standard screen.  Ros's dicussion [ ]  and others info [ ]  regarding mobile email viewing is something the designer should be knowledgeable in.

We have one client that is ready to start, and the project could easily multiply across our other clients.  We have a fair amount of stock photos selected by the client, and their website design, and need the email designer to take it from there and give us something outside the box.   

If you'll leave contact info here, I'll contact all replies and discuss costs and process.  This project does not have an immediate deadline, but is something to be accomplished in Jan.

Many thanks,

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Stephen, many thanks for your contact here and via email. As this is a forum for designers using Campaign Monitor, we can't offer any promises that we'll find anyone who's knowledgable with Constant Contact, let alone know whether it's possible to include the mobile optimizations Mat and I have written about, when using this service.

Forgive my forwardness here, but may I suggest taking a look at our template builder? You may find that the optimizations you are looking come already built-in to the templates. Templates can then be edited using our drag and drop email editor.

You can try our builder and editor for free and only pay if you choose to send.

Thanks, Stephen! Of course, we welcome any designers who are familiar with Constant Contact to respond - no hard feelings there :)

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