Reports: dates & locations of opening are wrong

I've just sent a support ticket but thought id ask in here as well.

A client of ours is sending out newsletters and then speaking to the people receiving the newsletters on the phone. They are checking their reports for when the person opened the email and then telling them when they did so, however a lot of the people they are speaking to are saying that the dates and locations are wrong.

I can understand why the location might be different in the reports if they are using gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc but why would the dates be wrong?

waggit, 5 years ago

The support team have answered this, thanks for your help

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks, waggit - we really appreciate you chiming up here. For the benefit of others, here's a snip from our response:

"To work out where people are, we use the best geolocation database available and use the IP address of the click or open to look up the location. IP location is generally fairly accurate but work proxies, firewalls etc can all throw off the location.

In addition, some ISPs may use an ISP in one location that is registered to another. So there can be some anomalies. It's fairly accurate data, most of the time you'll get a location at least accurate to the city or the general area, but not something you want to see as set in stone.

However, the times should definitely be accurate for all recipients, unless they're triggered by spam filters scanning the email, or other automated processes.

If you have any specific examples of subscribers whose open/click times seem incorrect, we'd be interested in looking into that further."

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