Send Campaign Confirmation Email Address?

I've got an integration mostly done using the provided PHP files. One nagging issue is that when I send a campaign, the confirmation email is not going to the email address I specify.

My code looks like this:

require_once 'csrest_campaigns.php';
        $wrap = new CS_REST_Campaigns($campaignID, CM_API_KEY);

        $result = $wrap->send(array(
            'ConfirmationEmail' => $notice_addr,
            'SendDate' => $datetime

I'm not getting an error of any kind and the campaign is going out as scheduled, but confirmation is not sent to a different email address than the one specified by $notice_addr.

Is there some error in the PHP library that I can fix? A setting in my account that's overriding the value I specify? Is the API doc simply wrong?

tobyb tobyb, 5 years ago


That doesn't sound right, the specified email address should definitely be used for the confirmation email. Would you mind getting in touch with support at, including your API key and we'll have a look into your campaigns.


gohanman, 5 years ago

Follow up: it's not the API, or at least not completely.

If I schedule a campaign via the API, then log in to campaign monitor's dashboard to look at it, the email I've specified DOES appear as the confirmation email. However, when the campaign actually runs, confirmation is still sent to a different address.

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