New at email newsletters - free templates ?

As stated, I'm new to this email newsletter thing, but it's something our people have been asking for. I build standards-based web sites,  it kills me to go back to tables for layout.. YUCK !!

I downloaded the free templates you have available and chose one to start with. Our first 'volunteer' for this newsletter won't need anything too big, which is helpful for me starting out. We looked at MailBuild, and we think it's the best option for our needs. However, I'm seeing that your tool to inline styles isn't available for MB yet :(.

Sooo.. in this template I chose there's a lot of rules in the style block in the <head>. Do I need to manually move all that inline for MB as well as the mail clients ? I don't have a big problem with that, except for the time involved, of course.  They want the newsletter to look similar to their websites, which we build, so I have everything there. I want to include graphics.. realizing some clients will block them.  It's tough to step so far backwards !

About that template code.. the "BodyImposter" thing, I take it that is to combat Yahoo!'s behavior ? Some commenting on the code in these files would have been very helpful. It would cut down on analyzing what's going on and going back and forth to your articles to puzzle it out. Just a thought ;)

I just don't get why this has to be such an exercise in the arcane given our current web technologies, it's ludicrous (sorry.. little rant there...)

Thanks !!

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey LadynRed, welcome to the forums. You're right, automated inline CSS isn't available in MailBuild right now, but in the mean time I recommend checking out Premailer to do this for you automatically, it's a great tool.

Just make sure you avoid properties like float and position and you should be fine.

Apologies for the lack of comments too, we're actually planning some updates to our free templates soon, and I;ll make sure they include decent formatting for anything out of the ordinary.

And as for this process being a completely unnecessary frustration, trust me, I agree with you! This was behind our motivation to start the Email Standards Project last year. Rest assured, you're in good company in these forums.

LadynRed, 9 years ago

Thanks Dave !
I don't think I'll need position, but float sure would be nice.. oh well.  I'll try out the premailer, I re-downloaded the MailBuild versions of the templates so I have the right stuff for that now.

Is there a list of the MB fields somewhere.. or did I miss it ?  *** nevermind.. I found it.. ****

Thanks !

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