Combine Autoresponders with Segments (rather than whole lists)

I have been looking into another ESP, let's just say I was monkeying around with it... and although I would hate to lose the recurring revenue that my white labeled CM account generates for my small business, there are some new features that just might push me over the edge (perhaps one more customer that fights over price will do it too).

There's a service that allows custom segments to be created based on website interaction.  A script is added to a website, and users can then identify pages that, when visited, end up adding the subscriber to a custom segment.  Combine that with Autoresponders, and you have a mini, super-cheap automation tool.  For 1/10 of the price of a larger marketing automation tool, you get a huge portion of what marketing automation providers charge for.

So, CM... any thoughts on at least enabling Autoresponders to be sent to segments of a list instead of a whole list?  It might not be as powerful as using website visitor behavior, but it would be a big step forward so we can create better list queries that we can update by updating the fields in the list - like if we change a field value that makes a subscriber qualify to belong to a specific segment, they then become enrolled in a more targeted autoresponder.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi BraceRosso, thank you for sharing your experiences here. We're keeping autoresponders based on segments on the radar, as it certainly would make our service more attractive to customers who are keen to send behavioural-style campaigns. If we go down this path, we'll certainly keep you in the loop.

In the interim, we already have some really big plans to improve email marketing automation in the coming months, as well as our existing services. All of us here are working to make Campaign Monitor a valuable service to both you and your clients, now and into the future.

A huge thanks for continuing to provide us with spirited feedback - if there's anything else we can do to provide a better level of service, please let us know.

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MrAnalogy, 4 years ago

That is a GREAT suggestion (although I'm not ready to use it for a few months at least)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi folks, in the interim it might be worth looking at systems like Retention Science or for behavioural campaigns. The former has a great integration with us, too.

Sorry that we can't front up a solution sooner, but we'll certainly keep it on the radar :D

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autosend, 3 years ago

Actually, Campaign Monitor just got this feature about a week ago!!! YAY! So you can now handle segments and autoresponders with your mailing list.

But you mentioned tying it in with website behavior, without a lot of tweaking and programming on your end, Campaign Monitor may not be the option for this. You need something that handles trigger-based messaging as Roshodgekiss mentioned previously like

They would both work together (and I'd use both) but the latter is built to work with website activities.

Campaign Monitor = send all your website users/visitors a broadcast email (even broadcast to segments of your list)
Autosend = send website visitors a message based on their activities on your site (ex. Someone added something to their shopping cart and left)

You'd pair them together to make sure everyone your Campaign Monitor list is on  your Autosend list and vice versa.

Hope that helps!

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