Name is not being imported with list


I am testing the [firstname,fallback=], code and it only works when I manually enter the first name of the person in my list. When click on one of the subscribers, it appears that the first name, last name and email are there but when I "edit this subscriber" there is a place to enter the first name. If I do this then the [firstname,fallback=], code works...?

I also don't see the "name" field populated when I click on my list and see the graph page with the emails, name and when they subscribed.

Any ideas on how I can import a list and have the name field populate??

Thank you in advance!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Virginia, could you confirm that when you have a 'Name' field in a list of subscribers to import, the app doesn't automatically determine the first name and last name for each subscriber?

In the interim, here are a few details on what format to use when importing subscribers from a file.

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