multiline editable content areas with white text

Hi all.

I'm trying to create a multiline editable content area with white text, however, when I force the multiline containers text colour to white, my clients can't see the text in the editor. I know they can copy and paste text in there, however it is inconvenient for them to go back and forward between a text editor and the editor when they want to make changes on the fly. Has there been any thought towards toggling the content editor's background colour to address this or can anyone suggest any other tips?

Thanks in advance

dedra dedra, 5 years ago

Hi geeves,

I deal with the same problem here:

Until CM programmers does not create binding between CSS in editor and in template, this problem stay here.

If you have text color set in your template, in editor this text has "automatic" color (at this time black on white background). Sure, if you (your clients) change text color in editor to some light color (for example yellow, light cyan etc.), then this text makes more unreadable in editor, but in template (campaign) all is OK.


geeves, 5 years ago

CM, can you fix this issue to not use the template's styling in the editor. It just creates difficulty for my clients when editing white text on a white background.

Ara Garabedian
Multimedia Designer/Developer
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Ara, we're really sorry that we didn't respond to you earlier about this. It's still something we're looking into and I don't have any updates as yet, I'm sorry to say. In this situation, it is still possible to view the text in the preview (which should automatically update), but I agree, it's not an ideal experience. Thanks again for keeping this on the radar - I'll let you know if it's an issue we progress on.

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dedra dedra, 5 years ago

Hi Rosanne, maybe would be enough, if editor can read current foreground and background color style from place, where is editor call code inserted, and then set these colors to edit area. I do not know if it is simply or not, but maybe it is possible. As i know, scripts can read any style part from any page element.

Online HTML WYSIWYG web page editors like TinyMCE, FCKEditor and others can set these colors in init section as parameter with path to css file to use, in which these colors are defined, but all these editors convert standard html "textarea" element into inline GUI style editor.

Sure, with my little than basic knowledge of html, javascript, php and other programming and scripting languages, i can help you with this, but i think your programmers are on more higher level, than i. ;-)

At last, let me know progress too. Thank you.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Will do, dedra - you're a star. Keep up the great feedback, all of us here really appreciate your help with this.

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