Text over images

First newsletter and browser testing has shown up a problem that's a biggie: text is running over an image that's been aligned right. No doubt something simple in the coding. Can anyone help?

RyanP13, 9 years ago

How have you managed to get text running over an image?

If you are using background images you are going to run into problems in various clients: Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook 2007.  And even more problems if you are using background-position.

If this is not a worry for you then you may simply have to split the table cell into two further cells and giving each of these an appropriate width.  You can do this by either adding additional cells (remember to adjust your colspans) or by nesting another table.

I hope this helps but without the code or visual reference i cannot really be sure.

Good luck

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Ryan is right that it is tricky without seeing the code / screenshot to know why, but it is not something I can recall seeing. The fact that it is happening in a browser does suggest it is a minor coding problem.

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standout, 9 years ago

Thanks for the tips - as it turns out, I'd given the text a designated width. Problem solved!

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