Segmentation criteria

Hi there, is there going to be any future development around segmentation criteria?

I am planning to use Campaign Monitor for our organisation and to do this successfully we need to have a custom field called ID/Status - what this does is enable us to describe how the contact is related to us for example, they may be: a customer of product A, a customer of product B, and a prospect of product C.

We have quite a large number of categories that fit into this field and our contacts are very mixed. As a result it will take a very long time to segment them based on a specific product because we have to add all of the different possible combinations.

It would be great if we could segment by using the "contains" criteria - is there going to be development in this area? And if yes, when can we expect to see it?

Kind Regards,
Danielle H

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Danielle, thanks for the great feedback here - being able to segment using 'contains' criteria is on our radar, but we don't have certain plans to add it to the app as yet. Happy to add your request for this internally and will certainly keep you posted if it's something we add in the future. Thanks, Danielle - I agree, this would be a great improvement!

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