Campaign frozen at 17% for 16 hours

We had an A/B Test Campaign sent yesterday that, when the A/B portion ended, the campaign was moved back to Drafts without warning.  We lost the A/B data and it appeared between the time the A/B was sent and the campaign was to be sent, our billing for the month expired.  We tried to get that cleared up, but the campaign was time-sensitive, so we opted to just pay for credits and send it out.  Said campaign has been frozen at 17% for over 16 hours.   I've tried contacting support multiple times with no answer.

JD JD, 5 years ago


Thanks for getting in touch. We did receive your requests, but have been a bit short-handed. I've resent the "stuck" campaign and it looks to have sent this time. I've also sent you a message through our support line. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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