Is this possible with the API?

We noticed recently CM added the ability for us to pull in personalisations based from custom fields.

Which is great timing for us as we are currently running a reward scheme for our resellers, which allows them to earn points they can redeem for shopping vouchers when ever they make a sale.

We are using CM's custom fields to read in their points total from our CRM software (Sage's SalesLogix) and we envision sending them a monthly email campaign, which will have each individuals membership number, Business Development Managers contact details and more importantly their current total points balance as a way to keep them focused on the promotion.

We've tested this with a Campaign and it works like a dream. (We've even used the Daisy Photoshop API plugin to pull in personalised images (using custom fields) based on what the members suggested they'd like to spend their points on.

However we initially wanted to send them a 2 email autoresponder when they signed up to our scheme.
Which means we have to setup a separate list (as autoresponders can only trigger on joining of a list, and we already have a list for our resellers)

We have created this new list and it still allows us this functionality, however we initially wanted to add new subscribers to this list using your API (passing the subscribers name and email from our CRM).
But to get these custom fields to show we also need to send over these custom fields is this possible?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Adam, yes, it is possible to add a new subscriber with custom field values using our API. Here's the docs on this. Once subscribed, you can use the custom field values in your autoresponders, too. Does this answer your question here? :)

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