Has the side of the Header Banner been changed?

NOTE: the title should have read 'SIZE' has changed.
We have a photoshop template that we use to build all our banners and have save a new on out using this, however when we put this in place there seems to be 20 pixels of space either side of our banner?
If you have changed the dimensions we'd love to know as we need to update our Photoshop template for future banner designs.

Thank you

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Adam, could you kindly elaborate on which templates you have been using? Our template builder templates are 640px and the ones on /templates are 600px in width. To my knowledge, neither have changed since their introduction respectively. That said, there will be gaps if your banners have been designed for 600px and are being inserted into a 640px template. :)

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