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I have very limited HTML experience so as I'm learning more and more I am using the template builder.  I have been going mad trying to limit the spacing between new sections, ie. the title and the image or the description and especially the spacing between each new module.  So, to fix this, I have created the side bar as a single .JPG.  Since I need to have some text in there that will be inline linked to email addresses I do need to put in a couple text only boxes.  When I open up the email in Outlook, the JPEG drops a solid 4 to 5 inches down the screen.  Is there anyway to stop this from happening (only in Outlook, good in web view, yahoo, gmail, thunderbird). 

Likewise, is there a way to make the gaps smaller between the a title, description and image?  If I have no title, can I remove that section so it tightens up.  Overall, the builder is fine, just the side bar has WAY too much black space.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi jsyarsin, welcome to the forums! In order to make these customizations, you will need to export the template and manually edit the code, I'm sorry to say. The template builder has been designed to do very common tasks as easily and efficiently as possible, however for more precise tweaks like managing spacing, line heights and alignment, you will need to get your hands into the code.

I'd recommend either engaging a designer, or spending some time reading up on HTML/CSS. Sorry about this, jsyarsin - feel free to contact our team for advice on this, too.

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jsyarsin, 5 years ago

I actually have exported the code and made some modifications, like linking the header image, word wraps in the footer, etc. but my main problem is with Outlook - why in Outlook (and I've tried various newsletter and forms) but if I use a side bar, there is always a very large gap between 2 items.  It is rarely the same but it is an Outlook problem, if you view it as a webpage or in yahoo, gmail, thunderbird - it is not a problem - again, the problem is only in Outlook and only with the sidebar.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Outlook has notoriously shonky support for CSS properties, I'm sorry to say. Your best bet would be to see if there is any margins/padding applied to <p> tags in the sidebar - for precise spacing control, you're best applying margin: 0; padding: 0; and using table cells to control the space between items. Hope this helps!

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