A little arrow (image) after each link


Is it possible to put a little arrow (image) after each link in the email sent to be really explicit (here there is a link) and avoid spam filter (no www.something.com in the body) in the same time ?

Or is there another trick to obtain the same result ? Because (I know, it's a pity) I have some customers who don't know a link is a link... so my click stats are less better than they could be.

Thanks in advance for any help,
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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Marc, it is in theory possible using CSS (ie. add an 'arrow' background image, some padding), however as the CSS properties that are required to do this aren't supported by Gmail and Outlook, you may be out of luck with these email clients. Here's how to do it, all the same.

My advice would be to either manually add a little arrow icon, or simply change the color/weight/underline on your links to make them particularly obvious. Or try styling up your CTA as a 'button', or similarly visible element. Hope this gets you on the right track! :)

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Pixelboss, 5 years ago

Thanks a lot ! ;)) I'll manually add a little arrow icon, it seems to be the more stable solution. I have found one very cute. Best regards,


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