Dynamically add in Company Name

Hi all,

We are currently using a template that is used within multiple departments. We have added some unsubscribe text in the footer of the email and would like this customized for each department. Is it possible to somehow pull in the company name without having to type it out every time?

Here is what we are currently implementing:

If you are no longer interested in receiving this type of email from <singleline label="Company Name">Lorem ipsum dolor</singleline>, please update your <preferences>preferences.</preferences>



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Chris, is there the possibility that you could use custom fields to achieve this, ie. create a 'department' custom field, then give each subscriber a 'department' value? Then it would be a matter of adding a template tag like so:

[department,fallback=your department]

Thanks, Chris! Hope this helps :)

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Mindsplit, 5 years ago

Hi Ros,

Thanks for the suggestion but I'm not sure if this will work for what I am trying to achieve (unless I'm just doing it wrong). Instead of departments I maybe should have said clients.

Say one of our clients wants to send an email out so they create a new campaign and attaches one of our templates. The footer text should pull in their Company Name (ex. Marketing Department) from their client settings and this will be used throughout every email so the user can unsubscribe from any emails from the Marketing Department. I tried creating the custom field but where do I enter this information so the [department] tag will pull it in? There will only be one department name being pulled in per campaign.

Does this make more sense?

Thanks for the help!


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Mindsplit, sorry for the delay in responding while I've been out of the office. This makes a lot more sense now! Unfortunately, it's not possible to pull sender, or specific list details automatically into a campaign using our current tags. To populate a campaign with [department] information, you will have to create a 'department' custom field in your subscriber list, then import a list with both 'email address' and 'department' columns. For existing email addresses, data in the 'department' column of the imported list will overwrite any data that's currently there for the subscriber.

What I'll do for now is add a feature request internally so that we can look into adding sender/list details to an email campaign. In the interim, I'd also recommend looking at your list unsubscribe settings so unsubscribes from say, the 'Marketing Department' list don't result in subscribers being removed from all lists.

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