Spicing up the campaign monitor app in facebook

The campaign monitor app works really well, but is there a way if inserting images so the tab looks a little more interesting? I'm using it to sign up visitors to our list in return for an eBook. However I're reluctant to make this the main tab if it just shows the standard sign up form with no images. I'd ideally like a landing page (a clearer version of this http://www.videovbox.co.uk/index.php/driver-training-articles.html#download) within facebook.

Can anyone help or should I go down the iframe route?


Mathew Mathew, 5 years ago

Hey Harry,

Right now it is not possible to add anything to the app, but we do appreciate the feedback and we'll consider it for a future update. At the moment you'd need to handle that separately perhaps with an iframe as you mention.

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harrynt, 5 years ago

Hi Matthew
Thanks for your feedback. Carissa Philips also emailed me detailing this solution:

However as far as I can see it doesn't allow you to make a nice landing page with images either. Looks like I'll go down the iframe route and try to use an app service - the challenge is then to link it to Campaign Monitor. I'll post up what I do here.


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