Importing subscribers and appending data


I am having some trouble uploading client data into an account and was wondering if there was a way around the following problem.

I have a simple spreadsheet of 3000 contacts that have NAME || EMAIL || CHAPTER

Chapter is a custom field of the type 'allow multiple selections' and the data has some email addresses where they may belong to all or a number of the CHAPTER values.

I have uploaded the spreadsheets individually and it keeps overwriting the CHAPTER value if the same email address is uploaded, shouldn't it merge the 2 values as this doesn't lend itself nicely to database management. I have already thought about creating a single cell and having OPTION 1 || OPTION 2 but this will take forever as all the data is on seperate rows, naturally.

Could someone please let me know how I can get it to add an email address and merge the values of a multi select custom field if present.



Stig Stig, 5 years ago

Hi Robbie,

Sorry for the confusion here! When you re-import a subscriber with new data, we do intentionally overwrite the existing values with the new ones, to ensure that options which should be unselected, don't stay selected.

What that means is that the file you import, must already be merged with all the values that should be included for each of the multi option fields. I also just replied to your email with more details on this.


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