edit buttons cover up content and break onto two lines

When the customer is editing an email and there is a narrow column (say 160px wide) the "Edit/AddNew/Move" button bar gets broken onto two lines and looks ugly and confusing. Can I vote to get that resolved in some future update?

There is also a problem that the buttons cover up some small items of content which confuses my customers as they cannot see what the buttons refer to. Maybe that can be resolved with semi transparent (or moved) buttons?


davidaf davidaf, 5 years ago

Hi John

It would be helpful if you contacted us at support with the account details and name of the template you are seeing these issues in so we can take a look. It will help us replicate the issue and hopefully come up with some solutions for it. Thanks!

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tGriffin tGriffin, 5 years ago

I'm using a template we created with the template creator.
In the left hand sidebar, and also in the main body text, the labels for edit, delete, move, add new appear on top of the field making it very difficult to see the text entere.

Of course these disappear once you click the preview option, but in the mean time the button placements are making the email creation part very confusing. Particularly in the narrow left hand column.

Is there a way to force these buttons to appear under the title fields associated with these standard template areas?

Thanks for any help - and if I should open a support ticket let me know and I'll do that right away!

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