Auto-send email campaigns to segmented lists


I understand that rules can be created in CM.

What I would like to understand is whether CM can automatically push a tailored email to a segmented list?

For example, if a subscriber A (Mr Smith) clicks product X (lets say a laptop) within my newsletter, can CM intelligently send Mr Smith a tailored email 7 days later of products which are complimentary to product X - perhaps cross selling him a laptop bag or mouse?

Thanks in advance

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi scottb, welcome to the forums! Ar present, it isn't possible to send autoresponders based on custom fields - although it's been widely requested. I'm more than happy to note your interest in this internally and let you know if it's something we add to the app in the future. Thank you for the great suggestion!

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Stephen, 3 years ago

Hey scottb,

Just updating this thread to let you know that autoresponders to segments is now live!

Thanks again for taking the time to give us your feedback, and we'd love to hear how the new feature works for you! :)

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