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Hi all

I'm being 50% lazy and 50% practical here.  I client has blind sided me with an 11th hour campaign which uses quite a complicated layout which I'm not going to have time to slice up so my intention is to save it as one image and use that.  Obviously, the only way to deal with the different links in the e-mail is going to be to use image maps.  Does anyone know if this is likely to be a problem?

And on that note, if the e-mail only consists of one image and no actual text, are there going to be any implications with spam filters?



Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hi Andy. To answer your second question first - yes, there are definitely spam implications if you send a completely image based campaign, especially if it's a single image. The explosion of image based spam over the last year or so has meant that filters now target all image emails much more aggressively.

If you combine this with the fact that more and more email clients out there block all images in email by default, you can see how all image emails are a really bad idea. I recommend checking out the before and after shots in this case study as an example of how much better an experience your recipients will have if you code your email properly.

I can certainly understand this can be difficult with tight deadlines and demanding clients, but if you show them these things they'll realize pretty quickly that if you don't do it right, you're sometimes better doing nothing at all.

If you're still interested in the all image based option, I can tell you that image maps do work in the majority of email clients, but I'd definitely recommend testing that in all the popular ones yourself just to make sure. It's not something I see very often and wouldn't be surprised if one or two key email clients don't support it at all any more.

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