Email Signature in Outlook 2007

Not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post this, but I don't know where else to look. We’ve been trying to create an HTML signature for a client including recreating their logo as close as possible without needing images. Ultimately, it will probably be need to be sent from Outlook 2007 or 2010, not simply CM.

We understand a fair amount about creating HTML emails for different email clients, including a lot of the workarounds for Outlook 2007/2010, inline styles, oldschool tables, etc. We've caught tips on the forums/blog here. And we even just found the amazing Emailology site (wish we knew about that a while ago). And we are integrating a number of the tips shown there as well.

But most of this is about trying to get email to look decent when sent TO Outlook 2007, not when being sent FROM Outlook. And not sure what no longer applies when talking about just a signature and not an entire email.

So our signature is falling apart in different ways when sent from Outlook 2007. It looks like a lot of what we’ve hard-coded in (including a lot of the tips/tricks) is being arbitrarily stripped out. It seems to hold together much better when sent from other email clients (such as Outlook 2003), but this won’t be an option.

- Any resources geared toward knowing how to properly code for signatures??

- How about getting HTML email (in this case a signature) to send properly FROM Outlook 2007?

- Anyone know from experience of some tips/tricks??

- What else would people do in this instance? Images for signatures have a lot of major drawbacks as well.

Thanks! This has been an insanely difficult task, and we’ve lost a ton of money on it because of all the bugginess!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi jethro, I found this guide to signatures in Outlook which seems to answer many of your questions above. Admittedly we're not experts when it comes to sending from Outlook, but I'm sure the folks on How-To Outlook's forums will be able to assist :)

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dedra dedra, 5 years ago

Hi jethro and Rossane,

as part of Microsoft Office, there are pages for Microsoft Office. These pages have search functionality, then if you enter keywords like "Outlook Signature", you found many links and moreover to some video courses for "Creating great-looking signatures for your e-mail"... Direct link to search results: "" (if you use another language than english, change "en-us" to your language code).


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