For the wish list - notification for user if already subscribed

What I mean is users often forget what they've signed up for and sometimes sign up again. 
Currently if someone subscribes but is already subscribed to that list they're taken to the confirmation screen. They do not receive the confirmation email.
Can we have it so when hitting submit they see a message saying "You're already subscribed to this list".
This is particularly relevant where you're giving something away in return for subscribing.  The user (who doesn't realise they're already subscribed!) is expecting a freebie which never arrives :-)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey Julian, thanks for the good suggestion here - in so much as you can do something fancy with our API to achieve this, we'll certainly look at whether it's an additional response we can add to our forms. Thanks again, I'll keep you posted on this one - have a great weekend ahead!

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