Scraping web content and putting into newsletter


I know (or hope!) you're looking at adding RSS to Email functionality, but was wondering if there is any thought about including general web scraping functionality too? This could be used to include personalised content on a newsletter if we included personalisation links in the URL

i.e. we could add a web scraped section pointing to[email]With a bit of server side scripting on our side, this could then scrape unique content for each subscriber... much more so than is possible using the basic custom fields.

What say you?



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi James, that's a really interesting suggestion. Possibly you could DIY something like this using our API for now... However, it's one for us to think about for the future. Perhaps in league with dynamic content (which gets requested quite a bit). Thanks for the food for thought :D

RSS to email is definitely on its way - hold tight, it won't be long now!

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