[GMail] Rendering my email with random paragraph tags?

Hi all,

New here to the forums. I am developing an email for my company and am having issues in GMail. It seems that it uses some extremely strange (at least to me) conditional logic to determine where it should automatically insert <p> tags in my code. This obviously creates some substantial issues with layout design in our newsletter. Has anyone else had any experience with this and/or know how to resolve or workaround this issue?

Thank you!

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Do you mean you are sending HTML already, but extra tags are being added? We have not seen that one before. How are you sending the emails?

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brian.irish, 9 years ago
Mathew :

Do you mean you are sending HTML already, but extra tags are being added?

Indeed they are. Part of my responsibility is to take a client's PSD mock of an email they want to send out, and slice up the images according to best practice (ex: make one a JPG instead of a GIF, slice this here because it will be easier to code, etc.). Then I simply code the email after that, using the images I just spliced. So to test, I normally send an email from my Outlook account at work to a Habeas account to render in all of the different email clients that matter to us. Gmail usually ends up being the last client to be rendering my emails incorrectly, so I usually just send my emails to my own Gmail account for speedier debugging.

What I noticed recently (though I can trace this occurring back to March 10th, I just never noticed it so prominently) is that Gmail is inserting <p> tags, with empty <span> tags inside of them. The span tags themselves have styles associated to them. This is all generated by Gmail, as I have no such code in my email. I'm wondering what in the world the logic could be that's generating these tags, and how I can work around it.

In case you were wondering, I use Firebug to check out the code in the email in Gmail.

Thanks for your help!

brian.irish, 9 years ago

I should also note that I make sure to select the "HTML" and not "Rich Text" setting in Outlook 2007 when I send the email.

And to actually insert the email into the email message, I open up the HTML in a browser, select all, copy, and paste into the email body.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Brian, the fact that you're sending thsi email from Outlook might be the root of the problem. Outlook 2007 uses the Word rendering engine to both send and display emails, so your nice code is more than likely being garbled when you paste the HTML into a new message.

You could try and send a test email with Campaign Monitor (sending to less than 5 is free) to make sure that this is the actual problem. We don't make any structural changes to your HTML at all.

brian.irish, 9 years ago

That absolutely worked! Thank you for teaching me that Outlook renders their OUTgoing messages as well as incoming mails with their dumb Word rendering engine.

D'oh! When will they learn (palm to forehead)

Thanks again!

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