cURL PHP very slow

I'm noticing that the PHP wrapper using cURL is very slow. On a local version of Apache with PHP it takes about 15 seconds to get the response but the same api call made in a browser gets it in milliseconds.

I've been reading some forums and it seems under some scenarios cURL takes a long time resolving DNS

Is it safe to change the $host from to or it's not a fixed IP?

Any other way to speed up the API call in PHP ?

juanlacueva, 5 years ago

UPDATE: Changing to IP and HTTP (not S) is still taking around 8 seconds and the browser still takes less than half a second. This is not in a shared hosting environment, it's in my own computer both test so I don't know why PHP takes so long. The PHP only calls the API and outputs the content, there's nothing else going on.

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