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Good day,

As emails go, they come in waves and disappear just as quickly.  I'm looking for someone or another small business to develop a relationship with that I can call on to help out with email development in general (not only Campaign Monitor, though it is our preference).  At the moment we may just have a variety of small contract jobs, but we like to develop long-term relationships with people we can return to and count on.

You can drop me a note through the contact form on our website: http://barrelstrengthdesign.com/

Please reference this message, let me know your general rates and availability, and share a bit about your experience. 

Bonus points: How long would you estimate it would take and what would you charge if you were given the design for this email (from the Campaign Monitor gallery) and asked to code if from scratch.  If you'd like to talk through how you think about these things and the tradeoffs along the way, I'd be happy to hear that too:



Even more bonus points: While it's not a requirement we also work with ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter and Wordpress a bit and may have some work in that area if you have the right experience.

(Barrel Strength) Design

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks Ben, I'll do a tweet-out for you tonight. Fingers crossed!

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