Paginated Campaign Lists

I'm currently in the planning stages of putting together an open source component for a CMS (MODx) that would use the Campaign Monitor API to populate lists of current and past campaigns without needing anything stored in a local database.

I'm wondering if Is there any way to paginate the results from a call to get sent campaigns, as I would imagine this list would get quite large from clients that send out many campaigns.  From what I can tell from the API documentation, these calls always will return a full list of every campaign, which would need to paginated with code afterwards.

Thanks for any help!

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

Hi JViz,

Your reading of the documentation is correct. I'm afraid there is no way to paginate those calls. I've put in a request on your behalf, but can't promise a timeframe for when it might be developed.

For now i'd advise building a caching layer (either in the server or client side) and handle your pagination that way, to avoid making too many unnecessary calls to our servers.

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